First Merchants Capital Inc. are connectors to industry leaders with an extremely high ratio of closed deals.  Our extensive relationships within the energy sector, especially in Calgary, Dallas and Houston, have positioned us to be able to execute transactions quickly and efficiently.  

Our business model is based on significant value increase provided in a timely, cost effective fashion.  We take our chosen transactions to CEO's and other deal makers and are always well received.  

The scope of our transactions range from software development, construction, drilling funds, pipeline and facility construction, sale of oil and gas and mining assets, joint ventures and project financing.

We also notably work with Canada's leading tax law firms in the development of unique and new proprietary tax structures.  This provides our firm with distinguished industry recognition with high net worth individuals and successful corporations.

Our business is to increase performance of corporations and provide unique solutions to increase the market capitalization for our clients.  

We constantly seek to identify and convert precious and often hidden intellectual capital into measurable profit. 


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