Senior Business and Sales Executive with over 25 years of commercial real estate, investment banking and corporate finance experience. Proven track record of closing multi million dollar real estate transactions, oil and gas acquisitions, corporate mergers and equity placements. Well versed in the implementation of specific tax effective strategies designed to create stronger value and cash flow for private and public companies. High degree of competence in the financing and implementation of new technologies specific to the oil and gas industry. Alberta qualified real estate broker. Possesses a unique skill to cold call and meet CEOs and Senior Executives in virtually any business arena.
Business Experience
August 1997 to present
First Merchants Capital Inc.
Calgary, AB
President and CEO
In August 1997 I financed an oil and gas company with a prominent Calgary oil and gas financier, and with his support successfully established a private investment banking company specializing in oil and gas corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions. Its primary focus was acting for oil and gas producers in the difficult area of one-off transactions. This required dedicated clients and a relentless cold calling program to meet with as many oil and gas producers (CEO’s) to acquire properties, companies, and close joint venture and financing opportunities. The result was an extensive rolodex of leading energy and mining industry CEO’s in Canada and the United States.


  • Implemented a new proprietary tax structure to facilitate the withdrawal of up to $700 000 per shareholder in private corporations tax free. 2014

  • Engaged in a joint venture involving a proprietary 3D simulated training process that dropped the accident rate of a major service rig company by 40% and implemented an industry wide process to facilitate a new training model that positively affected the neuroplasticity of the human brain in specific learning modules. 2014

  • Implemented an energy industry wide tax structure in both Calgary and Edmonton facilitating the protection of thousands of oil and gas industry consultants, being reassessed under new tax legislation. Lectured to hundreds of accountants and numerous tax law firms. 2013

  • Engaged by an international trust company to implement select tax strategies to high net worth individuals and corporations.2013

  • ‚ÄčEngaged by a mid-market construction company and established a clear and verifiable position to secure $50,000,000 plus of construction projects in Fort McMurray, Edmonton and Calgary. Continuing to secure construction and real estate development contracts. 2012

  • Acted on behalf of a syndicate of inventors and a private equity firm to implement a proven oil/sand separation technology as a direct result of meeting with the CEO’s of the largest energy producers in the world. 2011

  • Met with 50 plus senior oil and gas CEO’s and assisted in a multi million dollar charitable gifting process. 2010


  • Completed 2 multi-million dollar oil and gas acquisitions.2010
  • Completed a series of multi-million dollar plus tax effective charitable gifting transactions. 2010
  • Completed 8 tax effective mining transactions for high net worth individuals. 2010
  • Completed 2 one million dollar private placements in the mining sector. 2010
  • Completed a series of multi-million dollar, plus tax effective charitable gifting transactions. 2009
  • Completed 10 tax effective mining transactions for high net worth individuals. 2009
  • Completed 5 tax effective mining transactions for high net worth individuals. 2008
  • Secured a working mandate with an income trust to acquire oil and gas properties and companies in the United States. 2007
  • Completed 18 tax effective mining transactions for high net worth individuals and private corporations. 2007
  • Established a working relationship with an international commercial real estate firm to assist in the identification of real estate opportunities in both Canada and the United Sates. 2007
  • Identified and established working relationships with a number of private equity sources to finance the acquisition of specific real estate assets. 2007
  • Identified a proprietary tax mechanism to acquire certain types of real estate assets. 2007
  • Identified a major office building construction project in excess of 300,000 sq. ft. and assisted a national real estate firm in securing the leasing mandate. 2007
  • Between October 1997 and July 2007, had in excess of 1000 breakfast or lunch meetings with energy industry CEOs that led to the excellent formation of ongoing relationships.
  • Completed numerous private placements, mergers, acquisitions and farm-in/joint venture transactions.
  • Provided a tax effective transaction to a public oil and gas producer that increased the market capitalization of this firm from approximately $300,000,000 to $400,000,000.
  • Provided a suitable merger candidate for a junior oil and gas producer that increased their market capitalization from approximately $40,000,000 to $80,000,000.
  • Provided financial advice to an oil and gas producer that increased market capitalization from $300,000,000 to $500,000,000, resulting in an eventual sale of the firm for $500,000,000.
  • Arranged for a strategic financing for junior oil and gas start up for $1,000,000 that resulted in a $6,000,000 return of capital to investors in a two-year period.

September 1985 July 1997
Leasecorp Investment Inc.
Edmonton & Calgary, AB
President & CEO
Established a private office leasing brokerage to exclusively and effectively represent tenants in office lease negotiations.
  •  Closed over 50 major office lease transactions with an aggregate value in excess of $300,000,000.

  • Implemented a specific tax effective strategy that allowed tenants to receive cash inducements tax-free.  This was a unique strategy that provided millions of dollars of tax effective capital to numerous growing businesses.

  • Developed and executed a new marketing and sales strategy successfully resulting in representing tenants in office lease negotiations while convincing major landlords as a result of our new strategy, that we would be more effective in providing them with a constant flow of tenant lease opportunities.

November 1984 - July 1985
Colliers International
Edmonton, AB
Senior Commercial Real Estate Negotiator
Director of Research

Responsible for negotiating commercial office lease contracts and maintaining a database of all commercial real estate sales and leasing transactions. The president of Colliers International accepted my strategy to become the premier office lease negotiator in Edmonton and provided me with a mandate to do so.
  • Became Collier's top producer in Edmonton within 6 months, often closing 2-3 transactions per week.‚Äč

  • Secured major office leasing mandates from existing tenants, and represented tenants in both renewal and outside office lease negotiations.

September 1980 October 1984
Knowlton Realty Ltd.
Edmonton, AB
Commercial Real Estate Negotiator
Director of Research

Knowlton Realty was the premier commercial real estate firm in Western Canada; and in 1981 was the highest producing sales organization in the world. Responsible for negotiating commercial real estate sales and leasing contracts on an agency basis. Maintained a database of detailed analysis of all commercial real estate transactions within the Edmonton Branch and coordinated joint transactions between the Research Departments of Vancouver, Calgary, Denver and Toronto
  • Developed and maintained a research database of office building, shopping centre and commercial property sales as well as database of office space transactions which provided ongoing critical transaction information for all negotiations in the Edmonton Branch.
  • Negotiated private information trade agreements under confidentiality with two of Edmonton’s largest commercial real estate appraisal firms.
  • Competed up to 100 transactions per year.
April 1980 August 1980
Canadian Environmental Land Projects
Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions and Leasing
  • Managed and leased Canadian Environmental Land Projects retail portfolio.
  • Worked constantly with commercial real estate agents in the ongoing review of commercial real estate acquisitions.
  • Prepared all documentation, offers to lease and final lease agreements for execution by both the tenant and Canadian Environmental Land Projects.
  • Established and maintained a comprehensive retail tenant database and regularly contacted retail owners to determine their present and future retail premis requirements.
  • Presented plans and renderings of potential shopping centre developments to local and national retailers and negotiated retail lease contracts.
  • Richard Landon was the majority shareholder of Canadian Environmental Land Projects, and formerly on of the top commercial real estate agents in both Edmonton and Calgary. Received continuous instruction and mentorship from Richard Landon.
  • Completed a number of retail leasing transactions that provided anchor tenants for a 50,000 sq. ft. centre.
July 1979 April 1980 
Stanton Development Ltd.
Edmonton, AB
Commercial Real Estate, Acquisitions and Leasing
Sold and leased commercial real estate on an agency basis. Sourced commercial real estate and land development opportunities for Stanton Developments. Managed and leased Stanton’s commercial real estate portfolio and acted as a liaison between all tenants of Stanton and the president and CEO of Stanton Developments. Prepared and negotiated all documentation for offer to purchase and leasing contracts.
  • Participated in my first multi-million dollar profit transactions in the land development business.
  • Achieved 100% leasing occupancy of what had been a troubled 70 000 sq. ft. shopping centre in addition to managing and monitoring the management and maintenance of this property.

May 1978 June 1979
Ashridge Properties Ltd.
Edmonton, AB
President and CEO
Private Commercial Real Estate Brokerage
Established a private commercial real estate brokerage specializing in the sale of commercial centers and the acquisition and disposition of commercial retail sites. Ensured that all provincial licensing requirements were met along with providing annual trust account audits to provincial licensing authorities. 
• Passed all provincial licensing requirements to acquire the Agents License, and was    admitted as an Agent Owner to the Edmonton Real Estate Board.
• Attracted numerous investors to the commercial real estate business, including a group of business professors from the University of Alberta.
• Accepted and sought mentorship and training provided by many real estate buyers and senior commercial real estate agents.
• Learned the skill of negotiating when under constant pressure.
• Self taught constantly.

December 1977 April 1978 Commercial Union Assurance,
Canada Life Assurance
Edmonton, AB
Life Insurance Salesman
Presented life insurance contracts to potential purchasers. Cold called constantly to find potential purchasers who were interested in a life insurance sales presentation. Completed presentation, closed sale and ensured that all personal medical and financial information was documented in the form of a life insurance application and then submitted to Commercial Union Assurance for approval. Maintained a strong positive attitude and worked very diligently and overcame reluctance from purchasers because life insurance is hard to sell as people do not like to talk about death, taxes or their personal financial matters.
• Achieved top agency salesman 2nd month in business.
• Learned the art of a planned presentation.
• Traveled to numerous small towns and sold as many as 25-30 life insurance policies per month.
August 1976 November 1977
Lion Properties Ltd.
Edmonton, AB
President and CEO
Private Commercial Real Estate Brokerage
Evaluated real estate for potential buyers and sellers and provided comprehensive written evaluations. Educated sellers that our firm was the best choice to represent their property interests in sales or acquisitions. Ensured that all compliance matters were met in accordance with provincial licensing regulations. Maintained active trust accounts and provided annual trust account audits to the regulatory authorities.
• Accepted by the Appraisal Institute of Canada to study to become a real estate appraiser.
• Qualified for a real estate brokerage license and qualified to become an Edmonton Real Estate Board Member as an agent owner. Passed all qualifying exams with honors. At the age of 21, I received a tremendous amount of support from the most senior and respected realtors in Edmonton.
• Sold the Company to partners for profit.
June 1975 July 1976
Canada Permanent Trust Company
Edmonton, AB
Residential Real Estate Salesman

First position in residential real estate sales. Learned to provide market and financial advice. Listed properties at a fair market price and acted as the agent in the negotiation of a transaction while preparing the family for the purchase of a new (resale) home. Ensured that all contracts were accurate and that all information to close transactions was delivered to closing solicitors in a timely fashion.
• Entered the residential real estate business with no real estate experience in a difficult real estate market. Two months later, was awarded the top producer award for real estate sales in a sales organization of over 100 people. Achieved Honors in Real Estate Evaluation taught at the University of Alberta. Read and studied voraciously anything related to sales or real estate appraisal and property evaluation.
• Maintained a strict calling and sales discipline.
• Spoke on numerous occasions at recruiting and sales seminars on the benefits of a disciplined cold calling program.
January 1975 June 1975
Barber Industries
Edmonton, AB
Millwrights Assistant

Assisted Senior Millwrights in the reconstruction of gas compressors and the development of various oilfield related specialty equipment.
• Offered an apprenticeship as a millwright or a welder.
• Became a competent welder.
September 1973 January 1975
Proctor and Gamble
Grande Prairie, AB
Woodlands Technician
Responsible for the maintenance of all heavy equipment in a significant division of Proctor and Gamble’s tree harvesting division.
• Learned how to competently operate heavy equipment such as Caterpillars, graders, skidders, Cat 930, harvesters, fellerbunchers and other tree harvesting equipment.
• Drove a Kenworth double tractor trailer, load capacity 220,000 lbs.
• Learned how to build logging roads operating a Caterpillar.
• Operated a full woodlands maintenance division servicing all major logging equipment.

February 1973 September 1973
Bruce Robinson Electric
Edmonton, AB
Sales Coordinator
Responsible for assisting senior commercial air conditioning salesmen in quote preparation and coordination of equipment installation. Moved rapidly into a junior sales position.
• Successful in the sale of commercial and residential air conditioning equipment.
• Sold large air conditioning contract to an international accounting firm.
• Developed sales competency.

October 1972 September 1974
IGA/Colonial Esso
Edmonton, AB
Customer Attendant
Worked as a stock boy and service station attendant
• Worked well in a team environment.
• Expanded skills in dealing with public.
September 1966 October 1972
Edmonton Journal
Edmonton, AB

Delivered the Edmonton Journal door-to-door and collected subscription money every week and accounted weekly to Edmonton Journal for my appropriate share. This was a very important job that taught me many life lessons.
• Acquired 1st route at age 11 (50 papers).
• Acquired and sold two subsequent paper routes.
• Within 3 years, operated a route of 230 papers with 2 newsstands.
• Completed over 40,000 cold calls by the time I was 16.
Grade 12, Senior Matriculation
Jasper Place Composite High School
Psychology of Human Relations
University of Alberta
Real Estate Evaluation (Honors)
University of Alberta
Real Estates Sales License (Honors)
Real Estates Brokers License (Honors)
Taxation of Real Estate
New Home Marketing
Environmental Issues in Real Estate
Business Brokerage
Dispute Mediation
Life Insurance Underwriters License (Honors)
Estate Planning
Taxation of Life Insurance
Structuring Buy-Sell Agreements
Pursuit of Excellence Series (Personal Development)

Aero Flying Academy
Private Pilots License
65 hours flight time


Calgary Petroleum Club
Bow Valley Club


Horses, motorcycles, skydiving, reading and skiing

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